A field guide to renewers, reformers & martyrs recognized and commemorated by
The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Friday, July 23, 2010

Birgitta of Sweden, Renewer of the Church

Birgitta of Sweden was born in the province of Upland in 1303. As a child, she was frequented by visions of the suffering Christ. She was married at age thirteen and had four daughters. She was well known for her generosity and kindness. In 1335 she became chief lady in waiting to the Queen of Sweden. Following the death of her husband in 1341, she gave away all she owned and devoted her life to the poor and needy. In 1351 she founded the Order of the Holy Savior (the Birgittines), an order of monks and nuns led by an abbess. Her charitable work is carried on today by the Society of St. Birgitta. She died in Rome on July 23, 1373

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